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Create a Website that you’ll LOVE with Gentle Help from Websites with a Heart

Do you want to create a beautiful & professional website but not sure where to start?

  • Do you have limited time & money, and do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of getting there?
  • Would you love to be free to create gorgeous content yourself?
  • Would you love to empower yourself so you can grow and blossom your biz?
  • Would you love to feel supported & encouraged by friendly website pros?

Creating your own website can be easy and fun,

all you need is a domain name to get started!

The Divine DIY Website pack is simply fantastic. I have loved creating my website and I still love tweaking it as my business grows. And this is the best part, it easily grows with me because it is SO easy to go in and change things as and when you need. Helena has been SO supportive and encouraging every step of the way.

Ria Gor, Brand Story Specialist

our mission is to empower you and help you shine online

Hi, my name is Helena

My partner Dave and I run this biz as a team and together we create websites for
women all around the world.

I know how important a Beautiful Website 
is  to help you
spread the word about your biz.

 I also know how my hours can add up and that it can be hard to pay for a custom-designed website, especially when you are starting with a new biz idea.

That’s why we developed
the Divine website pack;

a DIY website solution that is easy, fun and affordable!

With the Divine Website Pack, you get all the tools you need
to create a gorgeous website yourself

You’ll feel totally empowered

so you can grow and blossom your biz,

create your dream life and do what you love everyday.

how we can help you to create a gorgeous website yourself

With the DIY Website Launch Pack, starting a website is easy and fun. The pack takes away any hurdles in getting started and gives you fantastic tools & resources that you’ll LOVE.

Here’s what you get:

A professionally set-up WordPress website, connected to your domain, with:

  • Visual Drag & Drop Page builder by Divi which makes creating pages a Joy
  • Gorgeous Pre-styled Modules, Layouts & Templates made with Love
  • Dummy content for easy replacing with your own
  • One year Free Quality Hosting that will make your site quick and responsive
  • Magic Plugin Pack for backups, security, extra speed, and ease of use.
  • In-depth e-course on all aspects of creating your new website
  • 3 email addresses set up for you
  • 1 year email support – you won’t be doing this alone!

Are you ready to create your website?

We’d love to help you!

Divine DIY Website Pack

all-in price €475
(about $579 USD | £419 GBP | $749 AUD | $739 CAD)

Let’s get started together :)

why the diy website pack is such
extremely good value

  • The use of Divi theme normally costs €89 a year, but with the pack we include the use of a Divi theme *lifetime* license at a value of 250    
  • You get one full year free high quality hosting  at a value of €100 
  • A premium Divi Child theme at a value of 120 is included also  
  • Magic plugin pack including several premium plugins at a value of €150    
  • In-depth e-course that will guide you step by step through the process of building your website at a value of €350
  • A year long friendly support at a value of 200 – you won’t be doing this alone!
  • Benefit from our years of experience as full-time professional webdesigners. We’ve poured all our expertise into this, so you can save many many hours of your time and invest in building your biz instead of figuring everything out on your own, which is invaluable! Hard to put a price on, but let’s say at least €200
  • Many many webdesign fees saved because you don’t need to hire someone to make changes to your website, you can do so much yourself! Again, difficult to value but let’s say a minimum of €200

Total value: more than 1500
(that’s about $1800 USD | £1300 GBP | $2300 AUD | $2400 CAD)

price of Divine DIY Website Pack – only €475
(about $579 USD | £419 GBP | $749 AUD | $739 CAD)

what divine website pack users say:

“The Divine Website pack helps take away all that website creation stress and simplify all the techy stuff, presenting you with support and a brand new site all ready to go in a way that feels like a leisurely walk in nature. Simply blissful!” Fiona Morris

Medical Herbalist & Massage Therapist, Nourish & Flourish

“It’s just a whole bunch of wonderful all wrapped up in an amazing package for you. If you are looking to build your own website  you could not be in better hands.” Jo Maria Vernon

Hutt Yoga & Holistic Health, HuttYoga.com

what you’ll receive – all the details

A professionally set-up WordPress website

We install and configure the latest version of WordPress for you and connect it to your domain name. This then becomes a solid base for your new site. Our dummy content will give you an easy start – simply edit or replace with your own.

Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder

Working with a Visual page builder makes creating your website so much easier and intuitive! Simply drag and drop modules such as images, email optins and customer testimonials in place. Our page builder technology is powered by the Divi theme page builder, the most popular and advanced page builder on the market! See how the visual page builder works in the video to the right >

Video Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail

In-depth e-course – the Divine Classroom

You’ll get unlimited access to our in-depth e-course that shows you how to work with all aspects of your new website in a fun and inspiring way. From working with images to connecting your newsletter, from updating your WordPress website to working with Modules, Templates and Layouts, it’s all there!

Gorgeous Design for your website

A gorgeous design for your website, made with love. Our Dawn Child Theme has the world’s most popular WordPress theme, the Divi Theme, as its solid foundation. Our Child theme greatly enhances your experience of working with Divi, because we’ve already made 100s of settings for you to make sure the Divi Drag & Drop modules look great out of the box. So it’s easy for you to create a stunning website. See the Dawn theme demo and our video to have a look!

Video Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail

Layouts and Templates

Premade page layouts make it easy to create your own content. Start with a layout, delete or replace what you don’t need and easily drop in additional modules such as Call to action, video, contact form and much more. You’ll have dozens of modules at your disposal at the click of a button.

Brand & Style your Site

Customize your website with fonts and colours that fit your branding and business identity. The classroom explains how – *all* Google fonts available!

Magic Plugin Pack

Installation and setup of a collection of handpicked wonderful plugins to get your site off to a flying start; here you benefit of our years and years of experience: search engine optimisation tools, automatic backups, spam-protection, security and more.

Friendly Support

The Website pack is a DIY solution, and you’ll get all the tools you need to create your website intuitively and with joy. But if you’re stuck with something, or if you have any questions, you can always contact us. We’re here to help you create a great site.

One year of email support is included! So you won’t be doing this alone :) And as long as your site is hosted with us, you can continue to count on our support also after the first year!

1 Year Free Quality Hosting

We’ll host your site totally free for one year on one of our servers. We only offer quality hosting to our clients which means your site will run smoothly and quickly which is important for your website visitors and search engine rankings. It will also make working on your website more enjoyable because everthing works quicker and smoother.

After the first year our hosting costs €10 per month and as long as your website is hosted by us you can count on us for support also after the first year! If you’d like to use your own hosting for your website pack, that’s also possible :)

Email set-up

We’ll set up email accounts linked to your domain name. You can choose several accounts because three email accounts are included!

Reponsive Design & Responsive Editing

Your website is responsive out of the box, and there are some great tools to optimize your content further for viewing on Tablet and Mobile. You can switch between mobile and tablet previews and adjust your design for each device independently. Your website will look great on all devices, from desktop to laptop and from smartphone to tablet!


You’ll have all the skills and tools to

create the website of your dreams


You’ll make lots of savings because you’ll be able to work on your site yourself as you grow and blossom your biz!

Divine DIY website pack all-in price €475


(about $579 USD | £419 GBP | $749 AUD | $739 CAD)

Buy Now

how does it work?

After you’ve bought the pack, we’ll email you immediately to ask you about the Domain name you’d like to use. If you’re not sure yet about your domain name, or you don’t have a domain name registered yet, no worries! We can help you by thinking along and by giving you advice on where and how to register your domain name. Also our Domain name e-book has lots of ideas and tools to help you find the perfect domain name.

Once we have access to your registered domain, your site will be ready to go in 24 hours :)

You’ll receive your login details to your new website, your email accounts, and of course the logins to the E-course – the Divine Classroom.

You’ll be ready to go and create website magic ♥

see examples of what divine website pack users have created:

Ceri Gillett, ThisMamaSells

Jo Marie Vernon, HuttYoga

frequently asked questions

Maybe it will be too hard for me – will I be able to do it?

The pack takes away all the hurdles in getting started. Don’t worry about setting up wordpress, connecting your domain name, website back ups and security.  A guided website exploration tour will show you what’s where in your website. Dummy content will make it easy to replace with your own content.

Our friendly, positive and inspiring e-course full of easy to follow videos will make you forget that you are actually learning new skills. Our pre-styled modules and layouts will make creating your content a breeze. And if you get stuck with something, just let us know we are here to help!

Is it too much work?

Our clients actually tell us that creating the pages and website itself is easy, what takes them most of the time is figuring out what they’d like to say and how on their website. This is something every business owner faces unless you hire a professional copywriter/marketing team.

So give yourself a wonderful gift with the skills to create the website content you and your biz need over the coming years.  How you present your offerings will probably develop and change as your biz grows and changes, and not having to pay someone for every change and improvement you’d like to make is the ultimate freedom.

Will I need a graphic designer to make it look good?

No :)  Our pre-styled modules and layouts have been lovingly designed and give you an enormous advantage over working with just the Divi theme and Divi Builder.

We have made 100s of settings for you so you can place items such as contact forms, sign-ups and headers  and they look good out of the box! You can easily customize them further with tweaks of your own to make sure they
fit your unique brand, with your fonts and colours.

Can I have a shop?

Yes you can have a shop with our Divine Website Pack, the most popular and free Woocommerce Plugin is fully compatible with our pack, and we have a whole set of videos that explains how to add products to your shop, use categories, etc. 

The shop module makes it easy for you to display new items, featured items or sale items at the top.

Is it worth my money?

Our pack is actually extremely good value. By buying our pack you receive the right to use our Developers Divi license which gives you lifetime access to Divi Theme updates. These cost €80 per year. On top of that you receive a fully set-up WordPress Site that is worth at least €300 in time savings. Included is a year free good quality hosting at a value of €100.  And of course there is our in depth e-course that will inspire you and make learning fun and intuitive, valued at €350.

But the biggest benefit of all will be the enormous savings you will make into the forseeable future by not having to hire a webdesigner for every change and improvement you will want to make to your website. The savings you make there could be in the thousands.

Can I use my own hosting?

Your receive one year quality hosting from us for free. If after the first year you’d like to move to your own hosting, that’s possible! You will need a web designers’ help for that, but that will only be about 2 hours of work for any webdesigner. So be assured that if you’d like to move to another host after the first year that this is completely possible.

It is also possible to host the pack on your own hosting package from the start if that’s what you prefer to do.  But please keep in mind that budget hosting may not be the best choice for your website. Read more about hosting here.

Is this the best choice for my website?

As part of the pack, you’ll receive a WordPress website. You may have heard about other platforms, such as Squarespace or Wix, and considered them for your site. We’ve worked with these systems and found them good choices too. But none of them have the BIG advantage of WordPress: flexibility. You can do almost anything with WordPress. From a basic website to an online shop, and even a membership site. Every other system out there has certain restrictions that you’ll run into at some point as your business grows. WordPress doesn’t. You can have content in multiple languages, newsletter connections, take payments online, blog, create customer areas and much more. You can do it all with WordPress.

The Divi theme, that we use as the foundation for our Divine Website Pack, is the most popular premium theme for WordPress. It’s Drag and Drop Page builder is truly amazing, but out of the box it can still be overwhelming and a bit of work to make your site look good. With our Dawn Child Theme, that you receive as part of the website pack, we’ve greatly enhanced your experience of working with the page builder. We’ve made 100s of settings for you, which means our pre-styled modules look great and well coordinated out of the box. Making your website with these tools is super-intuitive and lots of fun. If you want to build your own website, and do it well, our website pack gives you all you need. Combined with our magic plugin pack and professional setup service, we believe the Divine website pack is the best choice you can make for your website.

7 day money back guarantee

You can start with your Website 100% Risk Free.

If you’re not happy with your new website for any reason, simply let us know and we’ll happily give you a refund.

Divine DIY Website Pack all-in price €475
(about $579 USD | £419 GBP | $749 AUD | $739 CAD)

“I’m not a tech person. I knew what I wanted my website to look like but I had no idea how to achieve that look! I thought I would need to have a crazy budget to allow my website dreams to happen and then I found Helena and Websites with a heart.

The package made it easier for me to get the powerful advantages of the divi theme, which is as amazing as everything I had read online. The key difference was that I wasn’t overwhelmed. The tutorials answered all my questions and Helena was always at hand to answer questions.

In a week I was able to take my brand vision and create this website that I have been dreaming of for so long. I am in love with the result I was able to achieve and so happy that I know how to maintain this myself! The child theme Helena and Dave have created is so gorgeous, you really can’t go wrong.

I’d encourage anyone to take up this offer and create a website you can be proud of. Thanks so much, you’ve made my business vision come to life!

Ceri Gillett

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